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Business Assessments

Business Assessments

PDT Communications help you identify telecommunication changes need to align with your business strategies and maximize profitability.  We will consult with you to evaluate your business and provide recommendations to ensure you are able to balance your growth and infrastructure needs.



Business Opportunity Assessment

A Business Opportunity Assessment is a 2-4 week, thorough strategic assessment designed to look at how your company can use telecommunications to gain a competitive edge. We evaluate your business processes and map them against your business objectives and industry best practices to help you understand how you can use telecommunications to improve your company’s performance.

Best Practices Assessment

A Best Practices Assessment is a 2-4 week, detailed strategic assessment that is designed for business currently using one or more PDT Solutions. This assessment is focuses on your processes and compares them to industry best practices and produces recommendations aimed at ensuring your business is operating with maximum efficiency and profitability.

Our Process – Implementation Methodology

PDT will work with you to gather requirements and define a system design custom to your needs.  Once the system design has been approved, PDT consultants will use the requirements and design document to create a project plan.  The plan is used to project the go-live date for the system while recognizing resource and time constraints.

The hardware and software will be installed and configured according to the system design document.  The client will form a team to test and evaluate the system.  End user training will be completed at the end of this phase.

The system will be in use in a production environment.  PDT consultants will support the client i the initial days of this phase to ensure a smooth transition.  PDT will prepare a definitive list of outstanding tasks that need to be completed for the project to close.

PDT will complete the remaining tasks and conduct a formal review to gather feedback on anything outstanding and on the system usage.  Client will give final approval to close the project.