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PureConnect (CIC)

PureConnect gives your contact center an innovative pre-integrated application suite and multimedia ACD capability to manage phone calls, faxes, e-mails and Web interactions from one platform. Moreover CIC’s inherent PBX/ IP PBX call processing, voicemail, fax server and unified messaging also allow it to reach throughout the enterprise, empowering your contact center agents, your contact center supervisors and your business users to elevate customer service, as well as productivity and performance.  CIC can be housed virtually on the cloud or on your in-house servers.


Key Benefits

Queue Distribution

ACD with universal queuing allows for distribution of phone calls, web chats, e-mails and other events, and for any number of queues. PureConnect also offers skills-based and media-based routing to quickly get each interaction to the right agent, business user or workgroup.


PureConnect’s interactive voice response component allows you to offer self-service options while customers are waiting in queue, including speech-enabled self-service options.

PBX and IP PBX call processing

PureConnect gives you a full digital telephone system with features like ANI, DNIS, and T-1/E-1 support, plus fully programmable dial plans, customizable routing schemes, and virtual PBX functionality for remote users.

Supervision and System Monitoring

Enhance PureConnect’s already extensive supervisory and agent/ system monitoring capabilities with the Interaction Supervisor plug-in component for even more comprehensive monitoring and reporting in one readily-viewed interface.

Customer self-service and eService Automation

Offer your customers their choice of e-mail response management, Web self-service or speech-enabled IVR to access information at their convenience. PureConnect’s pre-integrated architecture makes such automation easy with no legacy system limitations.

Speech recogntion

Simplify IVR processes, database access and more for your customers. PureConnect’s optionally available speech recognition recognizes specific words, such as “order,” and even whole sentences, such as “I want to order the greatest hits of the ‘70s CD” when spoken over the phone.

Quality Assurance

Supplement PureConnect’s standard recording features with the pre-integrated Interaction Recorder® to digitally record calls as well as e-mails, faxes and Web chats based on configurable business rules. Flexible scoring helps maximize your agent performance, while intuitive user tools simplify recording file management and retrieval.

CRM Integration

Pre-built integrations to popular CRM solutions including Siebel, PeopleSoft, Pivotal, Microsoft and others.

Outbound campaign management

Interaction Dialer® pre-integrates to PureConnect for a complete outbound campaign management and predictive dialing application that blends outbound campaign calls with inbound ACD calls if required.

Multi-site routing

Interaction Director® works with PureConnect to leverage IP telephony and virtually eliminate phone systems at remote sites. It also allows your contact center agents and your contact center supervisors to work from home, from your branch office, etc., and improve your agent availability and service with carrier-based pre-call and post-call routing throughout multi-site contact center operations.

Additional Capabilities/Additional Modules

Interaction Recorder®

No contact management solution is complete if it can’t record interactions for legal issues, for quality monitoring, and for performance improvement. Pre-integrated to the PureConnect, Interaction Recorder® provides complete quality assessment control in one environment for recording and archiving phone calls as well as e-mails, faxes and web chats.  It also includes an innovative scoring feature that simplifies quality assessments, provides flexible reporting, and intuitive categorization for efficient file management.

Key Benefits

Reduces cost...

Reduces costs over more expensive dedicated recording systems with a pre-integrated, non-blocking multimedia recording management solution.

Increases organizational performance

Increases organizational performance using performance enhancing interaction recording management features such as agent scoring and reporting.

Improves customer satisfaction

Improves customer satisfaction by using structured recording processes that focus on consistent agent quality monitoring across all interaction types.

Interaction Dialer®

Pre-integrated to the PureConnect, Interaction Dialer gives any organization a dedicated outbound campaign management solution for power and preview as well as predictive dialing. Interaction Dialer is also a complete system for blended inbound and outbound predictive dialing, web-based call scripting, multi-site campaign management, comprehensive campaign staging, and more.

Key Benefits

Pre-integrated solution with...

Pre-integrated solution with powerful campaign controls that seamlessly integrate call recording, sales verification and other capabilities so your company can realize an ROI in months vs. years.

Increased contact succes rates...

Increased contact success rates using automated workflows, complete call analysis and contact-by-contact dialing control.

Improved agent utilization via...

Improved agent utilization via campaign staging for more precise dialing. Combine with inbound/ outbound call blending, and increase agent productivity while still focusing on service level goals.

Lower total cost of ownership...

A lower total cost of ownership, by configuring business logic in PureConnect’s single inherent Interaction Administrator® interface to control telephony, agent, queue, campaign, recording, reporting and more.

Interactive voice response® Key Benefits

24x7 automated access...

24×7 automated access to your self-service application

Customize inbound IVR applications...

Customize inbound IVR applications such as bank by phone, questionnaires/surveys, contests, order status, automated catalog purchases, automated prescription refills, etc.

Quickly launch new services...

Quickly launch new services with customized applications.

Construct voice forms to...

Construct voice forms to prompt for DTMF Touch-tone, speech recognition, or spoken/recorded responses.

Improve call capacity

Improve call capacity without adding staff

Capture customer data ...

Capture customer data more accurately to enhance customer service and future sales.

Place outbound calls...

Place outbound calls, either at scheduled times or via the Interaction Dialer™ add-on application to deliver pre-recorded or Text-to-Speech (TTS) messages to any size audience.

Structure outbound IVR applications ...

Structure outbound IVR applications for automated appointment reminders, emergency notifications, fundraising, telesales messages, supplemental marketing and other uses.

Provide internal services...

Provide internal services for employees, including HR benefits enrollment, time and attendance reports, shift scheduling, password resets, work order assignments and more.

Our Process – Implementation Methodology

PDT will work with you to gather requirements and define a system design custom to your needs.  Once the system design has been approved, PDT consultants will use the requirements and design document to create a project plan.  The plan is used to project the go-live date for the system while recognizing resource and time constraints.

The hardware and software will be installed and configured according to the system design document.  The client will form a team to test and evaluate the system.  End user training will be completed at the end of this phase.

The system will be in use in a production environment.  PDT consultants will support the client i the initial days of this phase to ensure a smooth transition.  PDT will prepare a definitive list of outstanding tasks that need to be completed for the project to close.

PDT will complete the remaining tasks and conduct a formal review to gather feedback on anything outstanding and on the system usage.  Client will give final approval to close the project.